The government banned the Pakistani nationalists
Pakistan will bring only one mobile phone across Pakistan across the sea
Newspaper – November 25, 2018): The government has banned another Pakistani Overseas Pakistanis saying that across the ocean, only one mobile phone will be available across Pakistan for the year. According to details, the federal government takes steps against smuggled mobile phones. After deciding on December 13, the smuggling mobile phones will be closed after deciding.
Locally produced mobile phones will be promoted. The decision was taken during the federal cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday. In this regard, Information Minister Fuad Chaudhary has said that the tax is being paid on 82 million mobile phones. Mobile phones are worth Rs 1.2 billion, which is not paying tax.

That is why now the decision has been taken against smuggled mobile phones. DBRB system will be implemented for this purpose. Information minister says that the smuggling mobile phones will be closed after the decree of December 31. While production of locally-made mobile phones will be promoted. The Chief Minister said further that if the pre-used mobile phones are made up until December 31, then these mobile phones will not be blocked.
However, after 31 December all smuggled mobile phones will be blocked in Pakistan. On the other hand, the government has banned the Overseas Pakistanisis that they will only have a mobile phone for their families throughout the year. “Farooq Azhar said that Overseas Pakistanis had to bring only one mobile phone from overseas across the country. It will be allowed and they will not have to pay any duty.
According to Longage Rules, Overseas Pakistanis will be allowed to bring more than 5 mobile phones with them, but remaining 4 mobile phones will have to pay duty on them. The number of mobile phones used to be with them is no longer possible


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