The United States banned $ 1.66 billion aid from Pakistan The relief trump has been halted according to the orders received at the beginning of the year, Pentagon has stopped military aid this year in January this year in January, indicating the United States’ affliction:


November 2018) Pentagon has said that after the orders received from the US President Donald Trump in early January this year, the $ 1.66 billion security money has been pushed to Pakistan, according to foreign news agency, Colonel Rob Manning, Pentagon spokesman In one of his statements, it is said that Pakistan can be given 1.

$ 66 billion security aid has been stopped, but they avoided providing more information about this, David Sydney, working as Deputy Deputy Defense Minister for the Obama administration in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia, says that Pakistan’s military aid is stopped from January this year, indicating the United States’s affliction, he said, but yet Pakistan has not taken any step to resolve the US’s worries, the main thing to worry is that Pakistan Those who use violence against their neighbors bear and promote them often, Pakistan’s leaders promised cooperation but no serious project, so Donald Trump and frequently frustrated US nhun said.


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