When the first ray of the sun entered the room, Ali’s eyes opened and he jumped from bed, because today was the school holiday.



Ghazalah Ahmad Imam
When the first ray of the sun entered the room, Ali’s eyes opened and he jumped from the bed, because today was the school holiday.Thank you, what should be done in the house. After playing a game of play out.

He picked up a hat and picked up to play with his own hand. It was only to keep the cap on the head that there was no sound of anybody else. A book smiled from the books of shelf suddenly (SHELF).
Ali looked at surprise when the book said in a tremendous voice: “Ma! See what you are, hold your hand. ”
Ali was amazed and lifted his hand and took the book. The Old Book thanked him and said: “Mian! There are a few days of my life.

After that I will be sold to the garbage and will not be able to know what happens to me there. I have shed many people with the light of knowledge, but regret that today my dead condition is no support. What is not in me
Encyclopedia is my name, but I’m not worth being old. Now computer and TV have removed the attention of the children from us. “By saying this, the book started crying loudly.
Ali was very sorry that he thought that if we keep these books on our own in the correct state, then we can read them at the time of need.
Ali picked up the book immediately and reached the skin maker. The other books were waiting for the bodyguard to wait for their turn. The maiden asked Ali to come after the second day. There are many new books on the shop.

Whites came out of these books and a new book pointed to Ali: “O my friend! I am the same Encyclopedia paddy, which you left in the old state. Today, I have got a new life from the hard work of your attention and worker.
Now I’m new and my brightness is back. I am happy that now I have fallen down, I can share more information. ”
Ali was very happy to see it and took the book with a shock chest. Thanks for the majestic and paid his reward. Abi Ali had every book new, because he protected the books and loved them. Had to learn


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