Hasan Ali got his team rewarded Rs. 50,000


Hassan Ali got his team rewarded Rs. 50,000
December 12, 2018) The fast bowler Hassan Ali of the national team, performing a glorious bat at friendly T-Twenty 20, gave his team a prize of fifty-four thousand. In the match played at Mudkhailel Cricket Stadium, Bao Jamil Allone scored 151 runs in 151 overs. Sheikh Osman Xi won 24-year-old Test cricketer Hassan Ali’s 70-run target target for target, winner won 50,000 prize. .
Remember that Hassan Ali is also known for taking long shots along with his bowling and on January 9 this year, with his score of only nine balls and four sixes at Nelson’s place in New Zealand, he scored his first half against New Zealand.
Have done Sun Ali has won 25 wickets from the average of 25.16 in the test match against Pakistan in 2017, in the first innings of the match against Ireland, in August 2016, at the average of 23.41 in the 41-day match against the Ireland. Has shown, in September 2016, after the T-Tutor Debt against England, Hassan Ali has won 33 anti-batsmen in an average of 22.81 in the 27-run T 20 match.
Pakistan has to leave South Africa tonight, where series will be played between three teams, five-one and three TT matches.



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