Indo-Indian green robberies blow Indian waves in the Indian fair


Pakistan was living alive on balloons, who and how did the balloon festival bring? The police started the investigation by entering the FIR
Latest News. December 17, 2011) Green balloons blow up Indian police rounds in the song festival in Haryana, India. Pakistan was living alive on religious issues. According to Indian media, the children present in the festival were playing with these robbers. According to the media media, the FIR has been registered and all the cases have been started and the investigation has started from where the balloon came and where However, the Indian navy flew away from these robbers.
It is not the first event to be considered. Even before the Indian police flew flew several times, in a report published in the National newspaper, a pigeon told the Indian security officials to blow up their sleeves.
The Indian Border Security Force seized the pigeon entering India from Pakistan and handed over to the Amritsar police. Indian police officials said he would do the alleged Pakistani pigeon to investigate any type of spy device or secret message.
This was not the first time, but before even Indian agencies claimed to hold a alleged spy pigeon in February 2017, which flew away from the police station. In 2011, police arrested police in Jammu and Kashmir with 154 pigeons in spying. . According to the Indian media, different colors were tied in pigeons’ feet. And these pigeons were being sent from Amritsar to Kashmir.
The Indian media said that the suspects were spying on these pigeons, because these pigeons were being locked in the fruit petty. The police registered a case against the people taking these pigeons, not only that, but the birds of the pigeon were tied with a clip, safety pin and thread. The Indian media also claimed that all pigeons have no relevance to our pigeons in our country.
After which, in 2017, India accused another god that the secret agency of Pakistan could use pet dogs to attack India. In his report, Indian TV channel said that our sources have conferred that Pakistan is planning terrorist attacks on the basis of pet dog dogs.


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