Three militants and eight civilians were killed in a military operation in India-administered Kashmir


Three militants and eight civilians were killed in a military operation in India-administered Kashmir
According to the reports, the firing process was carried out when the local population demonstrated against the operation and allotment in the state of Palma between the army and the militants.
The army attacked the militants in this area and then killed them.
After the death of youth and militants, the tension in the region has spread.
It is clear that during the military operations, local authorities go around protesting to rescue the innocent militants during the numerous reports.
Forces use bullets and lanes to disperse demonstrators. This series started two years ago after the killing of a armed leader. In the firing of protesters near the collision, 46 people were killed this year, including two women.
Military officials say that at least 230 militants are active in Kashmir, against which ‘operation allot’ is continuing. According to the police, till now 240 militants were killed. Unknown armed men also killed seven political workers.
Abid Ahmed Lone, who was killed in a clash with Senator, had returned from Indonesia with MBA degree. They had married there and their child is three months old.
Syed Ali Gilani, Mir Waheed Umer Farooq and senior leader of the United Nations-administered Kashmir, issued a petition filed by the three-day strike, condemning the incident of seven civilians killed in the firing of a police station in Palma.
According to Kashmiri media, leaders of unified opposition have announced to march towards the Badam Bagh area of ​​Srinagar on Monday.
Mir Waheed Umer Farooq said in a Twitter message that today, three more rugs and protests will be done throughout Kashmir. He said that the Indian government has decided to kill the Kashmiris through the army and march united resistance and march the masses towards the Badam Bagh, and demand the government to kill all the Kashmiris together. Give it


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