This was the 106th session of the Indian Science Congress which continued from 3 to 7 January and was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

An Indian head of South India, referring to the ancient Hindu writings, said that ancient Hindus had studied the stem cell thousands of years ago.

Vice Chancellor of the University of Andhra Pradesh, Nagishwara Rao said that a King mentioned in the Hindu holy book Ramine, who had 24 types of airplanes and used to cover them at Sri Lanka’s airports.

Dr.J. Krishnan, a university scientist of Tamil Nadu, said that both Isaac Newton and Ion Stein were wrong, and the gravity of the discovery of the waves should be named ‘Narendra Modi Waves’.

Critics have said that ancient religious texts should be read, but it is misleading to get scientific ideas from them.

The Indian Scientific Congress Association expressed concern over the ideas presented in this conference.

General Secretary of the Indian Scientific Congress Association, Pemimind Mathhar told AFP: ‘We do not agree with their views and keep ourselves separate from it.’ It’s unfortunate. Such things are a matter of concern by the responsible people.

Many people believe that since the Narendra Modi government has come to India, ‘fake science is trying to get rid of the mainstream’.

Scientific claims of politicians and scientists of India

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Modi himself told the Mumbai hospital in 2014 that the elephant’s head of the Hindu Goddess connected with a human body makes it clear that ancient India used cosmetic surgery thousands of years ago.

Many of his ministers are similar to such ideas and many believe that Hindus are a legendary past inherent and science and technology was on thousands of years ago in India.

In 2017, India’s Junior Education Minister Satyapal Singh said that the first time the planes were mentioned in Ramine. He said that the first flight plane was invented by an Indian man, Shakkar Babooj Rapper, and eight aircraft was built by inventors of such aircraft by the White Brothers.

In 2017, in the year 2017, the State of West Bengal Rajasthan had said that understanding the cow’s scientific significance is essential because it is the only animal in the world that takes oxygen while taking breath, even when oxygen is left out Also removes

In 2018, the new arrows in the war of technology had run by the North East Tripura Chief Minister, Baplal Kumar Dev and said that the Internet was invented by ancient India and used to live for thousands of years ago.


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