Sometimes I think that if my leg would have been fine then maybe I would not have been so much, but Allah’s Millions of Thanksgiving Thank you that I am having great respect in the game of cricket despite being disabled.

It is to say that Pakistan’s disqualified cricket team Sharp Bolar Sher Ali Afridi, who is also called ‘Shoaib Akhtar’ of disabled persons.Sher Ali Afridi, who is disabled from left leg, belonged to Khyber tribal areas Khyber. In his childhood, his left leg was lost in childhood, but by applying artificial leg not just playing cricket like ordinary people, but also making sharp bowling.

Lions have visited many countries as a member of Ali Disabled Cricket Team. He also claims that he is the fastest disabled bowler in the world and therefore, he is called ‘Shoaib Akhtar’ of the disabled.

Sports opportunities are generally less likely for disabled persons in Pakistan and this is not the same as government opportunities.

The national cricket team of disabled players in the country is present, but these players do not have official patronage officially.

Lion Ali Afridi says that in the way the main players are given importance in the country and they get different privileges, such as attention is not given to disabled players.

“Just as a commonly-normal player needs facilities, we should also meet because we too are giving the name of Pakistan and they are also raising the honor of the country. We should also get the right to be found, why is this discrimination with us? ‘

He said that if the normal players are playing for the country, in such a manner, disabilities are not less than them because they are also contributing to the country’s name.

Shair Ali Afridi said that no disadvantaged player has ever kept an employee as a professional player and has never been employed.

‘If government or big institutions will not be able to create job opportunities for disabled players, how will they come forward and their skills will come.’

He said that Pakistan’s disabled players have abundant capabilities, but they need to be encouraged, and the government’s responsibility is made in this regard.

Talking about his disability, Sher Ali Afridi said, “Most people hide or disable disability, but millions of thanksgiving of Allah are that despite being disabled, I have got a place in cricket which may be a normal human being. Do not get too. ‘


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